Greetings, and

Welcome to my Portfolio!

I'm thrilled to have you here! My name is Jason Custer and I am passionate about teaching, research, administration, mentorship, and tutoring. Following a series of unprecedented budget cuts, multiple programs will be shuttered, and faculty across several programs at my current institution received layoff notices—myself included. As a result, I am searching for a new institution to continue doing the work I love—helping students develop as writers, thinkers, designers, citizens and communicators.

I have several years of experience teaching, designing, and assessing technical writing, First Year Composition, courses on rhetoric and video games, and a teacher preparation course on using new media in the classroom, and I hope my enthusiasm for these topics comes across throughout this portfolio. The content here is intended to highlight my professional identity, but if you'd like to know a bit more about me as a person—something I've found that job documents struggle with as a genre—I welcome you to visit and follow my Twitter account.


That said, in the navigation bar above, you’ll find links to the following sections. All of the pages include in-depth information about my experiences and qualifications that I urge you to examine, such as:

  • My CV: here you'll find a digital edition of my curriculum vitae. For quick access, click here.

  • My Teaching Materials: here you'll find my teaching philosophy, materials from past courses, and student feedback from my past and current courses. Included among the materials from my courses are links class websites, selected assignments, semester schedules, and student evaluations. For quick access, click here for my full Teaching Philosophy

  • My Research and Scholarship: here you'll find a description and links to documentation for my research interests, research agenda, dissertation, publications and presentations. For quick access, click here for my full Research Agenda.

  • My Administrative Philosophy and Experience: here you'll find my administrative philosophy, and a description of my roles and responsibilities as as Coordinator of the Digital Studio at Florida State University. For quick access, click here for my full Administrative Philosophy.

Again, I encourage you to click through the content presented on this page, and if you have questions and/or would like to know more about anything found in my portfolio, you can contact me via phone or email with the contact information provided directly below.