CCCC 2017

Hello there! If you're here, you're probably here with me, watching my presentation at CCCC 2017 in Portland! And if not, you've clicked a link that brings you here. Regardless, welcome to my professional site! Feel free to examine my CCCC 2017 presentation materials here (along with some nice bonuses!), or to click on the tabs above and look around at my work as an instructor, researcher, and administrator! If you have any questions about my study or data please don't hesitate to contact me at:

Presentation Slides

Gallery of Figures

Do Students Ask For This Help
Session Numbers
Percentage of MMC Visits
How Important is MMC Education
Frequency of MMC Visits
Should MMC Education be Different
Types of Centers
Tutor MMC Comfort on Personal Projects
How Prepped Tutors Feel
Tutors Given MMC EDU
Tutor MMC EDU Perspective
MMC EDU Offered
What MMC EDU Do You Think Tutors Need
What Do Tutors wish was covered more in MMC EDU
All Participants
All Participants Plot Graph
All Tutors
All Tutors Plot Graph
All Administrators
Relatively Experienced Tutors
Relatively Inexperienced Tutors
Northern Tutors
Northern Case Study Complete
Western Tutors
Western Complete Case Study
Southern Tutors
Southern Case Study Complete

I also wanted to include below the figures for all of my coded data, since these won't show particularly well as a whole during my presentation. You can learn more about the coding scheme itself by clicking here to see a full description of every code and how they're defined. Feel free to peruse this gallery and look across the case studies, all participants, and more.

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